Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item(s)

on Thursday, November 1, 2012
MOST treasured itemS.
I am a sentimental person. If only I could take a picture of all those slumbooks, notebooks, diaries, picture collage, IDs, collage inside my room, love letters, books, gifts, candy and chocolate wrappers, stuff toys, bags, necklace, bracelets, call cards load, etc., and post it here as TREASURED ITEM(s), I would. But, I just picked some of those. Sorry.

2012 items :)
Except for the two pairs of earrings (I'm wearing that for eight consecutive years! :D)
Tubao: Lulu gave it to me as pasalubong from Davao.
Red phone: Mum's gift.
White phone: <3 phoney. Thanks to Tal.
Star bracelet: From Meloy. It has a twin-necklace with a fish bone pendant! And I gave it to someone speacial.
Cross bracelet: From my beloved Apple.
StarFishBone earrings: Bought those stuffs, ages ago as my gift for myself during my b-days.

90's - early 2000's items :)

Blue egg shaker: It's the other piece of Eiler's egg shaker. He gave it to me last, December 2010.
Guess watch: Kept it for more than two decades! (Couldn't imagine I still have it and kept it that long. Amazing!)
Red Diesel watch: Kuya Jason's gift for my 18th b-day. <3 I miss wearing that watch and that guy.
Motorola phone: It is my first phone and my digits is from Globe Telecom! Haha. I wonder if I can still use that one. I wish. I wish I could. I love old stuffs!
Oval toy: Win gave it to me when we were in second year college. I forgot what it is called, but it's an cutie-handy-toy

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